Weymouth Docks

I do not remember what Portland Naval Base looked like in v2.11. I did not like it though, so I rebuilt it.
After doing that I looked at Weymouth Docks. It was wrongly placed.

So I posted this picture at the BDG forum complaining that Weymouth Docks is not at Weymouth Harbor. Instead it is improperly at Wykes Regis.
Also, the old Weymouth Docks looks like a child just tossed some building blocks on the floor, helter skelter.

Well.. PV came to my rescue again. A week later he remade the terrain around Weymouth and Wykes Regis to look true. :D I love this guy!
So I set about to make a new relocated Weymouth Docks to it’s righteous position on new good terrain.

An over head look:

This show only the BFIELDS “real” objects made for Weymouth Docks. No ObjectAdds stuff.
Again, I always tried to show which buildings I selected to be target objects. Red dots this time. Yellow dot is top of the top of the construction list,
or.. as i now call it “target central”.

Some other pics.

PV added in some beach front ObjectAdds at Weymouth. Some old ones left around by others, too. There are some unfilled gaps for Weymouth town.
I only make Targets and close by ships, etc. within them, I do not do towns and cities. I ain’t got the time to do so.

Do the Stukas bomb individual targets like I made this? Yes, they do!