New Southampton & Itchen River Factories by stickman

During my 1940 Guns Project to reproduce Anti-Aircraft Command historically, which is only 60% done because I got side-tracked and started a new project to make better Docks, Factories, and Oil, Gas, & Power Stations.

Many of these Targets look dreadful and “butt ugly”.

Started with the Itchen River factories, Itchen Aircraft Factory, Woolston Supermarine Works, Thornycroft Motors, and Southampton Electrical Works.
Here is how they looked in v2.11. Been this way since Rowan made them like this in year 2000.

Totally unacceptable, and has been long begging for someone to make it better.
Also Woolston Supermarine Works and Thornycroft Motors are misplaced at wrong locations.

Likewise Southampton Docks looks dreadful.

I could no longer tolerate this look, and set about to make improvements with new target buildings that look better. After I started doing that, PV said “This whole area needs a decent terrain fix. I will do that for you, stickman.”

“Sweet!” So I go and remake Sheerness Docks while PV does a totally new Southampton terrain.

Took PV only a week to make righteous true looking terrain. :D
I set about to populate it with better target buildings, and ObjectAdds objects. This took me a few months to do based on research that PV found.

Now it looks like this from above. :)

I used 3 photo sources mostly in reproduction. Sheds and warehouses not exact, but I had few buildings to use for targets when I re-made Southampton.

May do a Southampton remake when I get some more sheds and warehouses that have damage models.

Some more Southampton screenshots:

More SH screenshots:

Some pics of the Itchen River and new factories there. Woolston Supermarine and Thornycroft Motors now relocated properly. :)

Woolston Supermarine. These 3 white main objects are still old Rowan objects. There are not many old Rowan objects left in v2.12. Most have been totally remade by Ben. Anyway, it is now relocated properly, and I added in more other target buildings to make the Woolston Supermarine Works “Target”. I also added more and varied target buildings to all 15 Factory Targets that I remade. Might make them a little bit harder for the LW to destroy?

Uhmm.. I should not have put that ship where the ferry is. Sorry. I may remove it later. Nothing in BoBII is “written in stone”. Almost anything can be changed later. If it is stone coded, a good coder can chisel away at it and make a better statue. :)

Well, that’s enough preview for Southampton and the Itchen River Factories.
I remade 21 Docks, Factories, and Oil, Gas, & Power Stations. These are the first 5 ones.