Bournemouth Docks to Poole

Never could find any evidence of shipping docks at the resort town of Bournemouth.

Here is what we had before for Bournemouth docks. Not good IMO.

So… I moved Bournemouth Docks to be at Poole Harbor, which is a short ways west.

The Campaign icon is also moved, and the bombers go there.

Overhead. Could have made it look better with more ObjectAdds. All of the buildings here are BFIELDS placed. Ships, etc. Object Adds.

Yellow dots are targets. Almost everything. red dot is “target central”. I know.. I placed some over large ships inside. Sorry.

Some other pics:

Two Staffeln of ME110s bombing Poole. They each pick different targets, as will Stukas do when dive bombing.

Closest HAA gun site. HH1 Holton Heath/Poole. A rare case where two 4 gun Troops were combined to form a full Battery.
Yes, the guns rotate and fire.