Tiger Moth

The first new aircraft ever released for BOBII, the DH82a Tiger Moth trainer.

NOTE: this is a FREE beta, or Work In Progress version, being released to the community early for comment and testing.

You must create a new copy of your Battle of Britain game in a new directory on your PC (eg C:\BOBII), patch it to version 2.11 and then install this aircraft into your new game directory. As a beta release, we have not fully identified what impact adding the Tiger Moth to the game may cause. If you install this aircraft into your default directory for Battle of Britain II, it is at your own risk.


– 100% authentic Gypsy Major engine sounds
– Hi fidelity flight model by BlueSix
– Skin by Bader
– 2D gauges by Stickman
– Coding by Osram and Buddye
– 18 new Tiger Moth Instant Action missions including 3 basic training missions, 8 advanced training missions, 4 Special Operation Executive missions and 3 bonus ‘Challenge’ missions by WhirlyBird.

If you download and install the beta Tiger Moth, please help our testing and development by posting your queries or observations here.

Remember, we are providing this beta aircraft free of charge, and are a group of volunteer BoBII enthusiasts, so we value highly the help of our BOBII community in bringing this aircraft to life in the BOBII world!


DOWNLOAD FROM HERE: Tiger Moth Download


This section of the post will be updated as issues are identified:

– Minor graphic glitches may appear if video memory is low. Most common is the loss of propeller texture
– The addition of the TM may cause the campaign game to crash.


– Try this if you accidentally installed into your default BOBII folder

Download this exe – it contains the default instant action missions, and default raf sounds


Then re apply the 2.11 update patch to restore important files such as the original BOB.exe and BOB.pdb


I did this for my own TM install and it worked to get it back to default

Tiger Moth