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The BDG is always looking for BOBII testers. We also always need campaign testers both RAF and LUF. The testing is mostly just loading up the new software files for the upcoming update, playing the game, and reporting anything different (regression) or any bugs you see. It is not hard or difficult and if you enjoy BOBII can even be fun.

The requirements for a BDG Beta Tester are simple and not difficult. We do not require previous game or software testing experience. Here are the key requirements:

1. Some interest in BOBII ,WWII history, and maybe A/C history
2. Ability to install files and overview understanding of PC operation
3. Willing to learn BOBII game play details both Instant Action and the Campaign
4. Have the hobby time to help test and keep up with the release status

The BDG is a mature/friendly “G” rated freeware group (we do not get paid by anyone) and we really answer to no one. We work on the BOBII projects that interest us and help out where we can. It is a “no pressure” approach and each BDG’er does what ever they have time for. We all work part time and we all have real lives that take priority.

We also have many other tasks and jobs that may require special skills:
1. C++ coder/programmer
2. User Manual (Microsoft word and adobe)
3. FM Engineer
4. Research for new requirements
5. Artist using 3D tools (either 3D Max or Blender are our current favorates)
6. New Object placement and Landscape changes (Using existing Tools)

If you are interested, contact us using the form below, or through our message board:

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