Geometry/skin Looks ok

Overall size ok?

Look at it with different FoV, check for clipping.

Look overr the shoulder at high FoV.

animation of levers, switches etc

mouse over help

activate via mouse (interactive pit)

damage stuff

historical accuracy

animation of canopy and ailerons + stick + pedals

view extends with keyboard and TrackIR

lean out, check q/w


rear view mirror

All gauges display the values correctly

visible poly egdes.

seat position

props at all RPMs


special stuff like the gear indicator flags in the Spit

fire guns, look at tracers and muzzle flash

drop bomb

All gauges: facia, start, stop, middle position ok?

Gunsight ok? Shows where the bnullets end up?

Seat position

Texture seams? Colour and “weathering” ok?

ailerons animate correctly?

Canopy open when inside / leaning out

Glass correct?

Take off and landing are ok? (scrapepoints!)

White plume at engine start.

Can you start the engine manually?

prop ok at all RPMs?

Modeller: test the DM with the debug version feature (space to cut off wings etc)



Looks ok,

animation of canopy and 3 axis surfaces, gear, wheels, (suspension), flaps, dive brakes

historical accuracy

damage stuff

visible poly egdes.

Ids versus texture (for example letter on top of roundel)



LoDs including switch ranges (tast by shift numkepad plus minus or also with 5/6)

props at all RPMs

DM (test mode / just fly)/smoke trail / contrail smoothing (lighting)