Happy New Year from the BDG!

Here’s Heinkill’s video preview of 2.12  

BoBII MultiPlayer Beta Mission Testers Needed

Greetings all! I am a long term member of the BoBII Development Group (BDG). Version 2.12 should be available in a matter of days at this point. I have been one of the primary testers of our current Multiplayer (M/P) Beta module and am seeking combat flight sim enthusiasts who are interested in doing a […]

2.12 Christmas update

The BDG has finally come to agreement, that 2.12 is ready to be shipped out to the players. To quote Stickman: Ya’all know me! I ain’t signing my name to any Quality Control checklist, if I foresee customer dissatisfaction. I am always the guy to stand up.. and pound my fist on the table! “Not […]

Buddye featured in a rockpapershotgun.com Christmas article

Our very own AI wizard Buddye is featured in a Christmas piece on controller purchasing on the PC gaming website www.rockpapershotgun.com Article also features sim world names like Matt Wagner (ED), Jason Williams (777 Studios), Mark ‘Polovski’ Rogers (Over Flanders Fields), Cat (SimHQ), Petter Hovland (Virtual Red Arrows) and Mike ‘some1′ Krawczyk (A2A Simulations). You can […]

It’s a beautiful day…

BoB II 2.12 release getting closer

Looks like the major issues have been fixed! Here is the list of what’s included in 2.12: Major Campaign Game features update (two27)  Bug fixes and AI behaviour updates (Buddye) Historically accurate key features: Accuracy of airfields, industrial targets and defences is now simply unsurpassed by any past or future BoB simulation. Historically accurate key […]

Welcome to the new Battle of Britain Wings of Victory website!

This site is maintained by the Battle of Britain Development Group. Here you can find all the latest info on the simulator development. We hope you will find this site useful and enjoy the free patches offered by the BDG!