2.13 released

It’s finally here! Go to the download page to find out all about it.

2.13 BETA code, multiskin and terrain available for testing

Would you like to help BDG to test 2.13 beta? Download the files and read instructions here: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=39183

Time to List your BOBII want list, Problems, and issues

As we always try to define issues, problems, new features, and wants during the beginning of our cycles, I recommend everyone make your list in this thread. The BDG members are doing the same action in our Beta forum. We will merge the two list in a few weeks and start the process of scope, […]

Portland Naval Base

Portland. I could make this better. It looks a bit naked, but I went with given terrain and my maps resources for 1938. Also a big hurry to fix other places that needed attention and better touch.  I had some fun trying to recreate that line of pubs & shops at Castle Town. On Portland […]

Weymouth Docks

I do not remember what Portland Naval Base looked like in v2.11. I did not like it though, so I rebuilt it. After doing that I looked at Weymouth Docks. It was wrongly placed. So I posted this picture at the BDG forum complaining that Weymouth Docks is not at Weymouth Harbor. Instead it is […]

Bournemouth Docks to Poole

Never could find any evidence of shipping docks at the resort town of Bournemouth. Here is what we had before for Bournemouth docks. Not good IMO. So… I moved Bournemouth Docks to be at Poole Harbor, which is a short ways west. The Campaign icon is also moved, and the bombers go there. Overhead. Could […]

Tilbury Docks

I was not happy that Tilbury Docks was on the wrong side of the Thames. Also wanted to improve it’s look. Old: So PV built us some real good terrain and I rebuilt Tilbury Docks. Now looks like this: Here are the base BFIELDS objects. The ones with yellow dots are target buildings. Red dot […]

BoB Then and Now – 12 years of development

All original Rowan’s Battle of Britain screenshots by avsim.com

Latest update 2.12 released!

Visit the download page for more information!

New Southampton & Itchen River Factories by stickman

During my 1940 Guns Project to reproduce Anti-Aircraft Command historically, which is only 60% done because I got side-tracked and started a new project to make better Docks, Factories, and Oil, Gas, & Power Stations. Many of these Targets look dreadful and “butt ugly”. Started with the Itchen River factories, Itchen Aircraft Factory, Woolston Supermarine Works, […]