How to test

HOW TO DO A FRESH INSTALL FOR 2.12 TESTING Each Step is Important Back up your “Bdg.txt, savegame, 2dGauge, and keyboard” file/folders (these are the files you need to save all your setting and joystick buttons/settings) Download the 2.11 self installer Download the latest 2.12 build from the BDG Beta Testing forum Uninstall old version […]

Placing Ground Objects

A. BASICS 1. First of all, you need to use the roving cam feature to move about precisely. For roving cam, I use these settings: a. In the Controllers GUI, set View zoom = mousewheel. b. In the Controllers GUI > Keymapping, click Misc and find MOUSE_WHEEL_SENS_DOWN (not used, set = MOUSE_WHEEL_SENS_DOWN (not used, set […]

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