Battle of Britain Terrain Editing v2.10

Version 2.10 by PV This is a minor edit to update the text for changes since 2008 to the BoB2 rendering system, and various web addresses and other bits. I may have overlooked some things… (Intro from V2.0: This represents the most thorough revision since I first started this project. The text is revised and […]

List of ground objects for BoBII v2.11

OBJECT NUMBER & Description 1. ENGLISH TOWN & CITY (All of these use the same, single Texture COCKPM16/ Best objects to use together for better frame rates). TubeStat ——– # 216 (Tube Station ) Woolies ——— # 217 ( Wollworth’s Store ) ctyshp1 ——— # 219 ( City Shops ) ctyter1 ——— # 220 ( […]

Placing multiple object “templates”

The procedure is the same as with placing single objects, except for a few differences. I have added notes and details in an attempt to avoid questions, so is longer than needs be. 1. MAKING a multi-object “template”. a. Go to the street or farm, village texture where you wish make the template. Note: I […]

Placing Ground Objects

A. BASICS 1. First of all, you need to use the roving cam feature to move about precisely. For roving cam, I use these settings: a. In the Controllers GUI, set View zoom = mousewheel. b. In the Controllers GUI > Keymapping, click Misc and find MOUSE_WHEEL_SENS_DOWN (not used, set = MOUSE_WHEEL_SENS_DOWN (not used, set […]