BoB II Performance Notes and Parameter Tuning Hints

BoB II WoV is a vastly improved remake of Rowans’ BoB. Furthermore, BOBII is still being developed by the BDG (a volunteer force of freeware enthusiasts) who are adding new features, better aircraft models, better flight and ground models, and a lot of improvements/fixes in code that increase BOBII performance requirements for every major free […]

Official Manual

Tips and Advice for BOBII Newbie’s or Novices Flight Sim’ers

I had a very frustrated Novice who purchased BOBII at another forum. This is the advice I offered him at the time. I offer this information here in hope some other BOBII interested Novice players or buyers will come along and read it. I also hope some of our outstanding community will offer some New/Novice […]

How to do a fresh BOB II install

Each Step is Important Back up your “Bdg.txt, savegame, 2dGauge, and keyboard” file/folders (these are the files you need to save all your setting and joystick buttons/settings) Download the 2.11 self installer (And read the release notes!) Uninstall old version or BoBII Delete all files from the BoBII folder (leave none). [IMPORTANT: These old files […]

Battle of Britain Terrain Editing v2.10

Version 2.10 by PV This is a minor edit to update the text for changes since 2008 to the BoB2 rendering system, and various web addresses and other bits. I may have overlooked some things… (Intro from V2.0: This represents the most thorough revision since I first started this project. The text is revised and […]

List of ground objects for BoBII v2.11

OBJECT NUMBER & Description 1. ENGLISH TOWN & CITY (All of these use the same, single Texture COCKPM16/ Best objects to use together for better frame rates). TubeStat ——– # 216 (Tube Station ) Woolies ——— # 217 ( Wollworth’s Store ) ctyshp1 ——— # 219 ( City Shops ) ctyter1 ——— # 220 ( […]

Placing multiple object “templates”

The procedure is the same as with placing single objects, except for a few differences. I have added notes and details in an attempt to avoid questions, so is longer than needs be. 1. MAKING a multi-object “template”. a. Go to the street or farm, village texture where you wish make the template. Note: I […]

How to calibrate the 3D gauges

See discussion of this subject here:¬† Files: Gauge Setup Defaults PDF Pointer Whores JPG Spitfire 1a ACM   NOTE1: from stickman. 26 January, 2010. Here are Instructions from Eric, whom changed the code to allow any mere mortal such as I to calibrate the 3D gauges. Previously this was untouchable. Now, anyone can fiddle with […]


Cockpits Geometry/skin Looks ok Overall size ok? Look at it with different FoV, check for clipping. Look overr the shoulder at high FoV. animation of levers, switches etc mouse over help activate via mouse (interactive pit) damage stuff historical accuracy animation of canopy and ailerons + stick + pedals view extends with keyboard and TrackIR […]

Overview of the BOBII AI Performance and Design

The redesign of the AI Maneuver Selection The redesign of the AI maneuver Selection Criteria was driven by the need to become more deterministic and less random in selecting AI maneuvers. I felt the need to move in this direction to improve the AI offence and defense so the AI selection software had more control. […]