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The BDG is always looking for BOBII testers. We also always need campaign testers both RAF and LUF. The testing is mostly just loading up the new … [Continue Reading]

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January 16th 2016 - The latest update for Battle Of Britain II has been released All the information about the changes and installation process can … [Continue Reading]

Battle of Britain Development Group

The BDG was born on 30th July 2001 when Ken Cook from SimHQ invited a band of BoB devotees to join a private forum to aid the development of Rowan’s … [Continue Reading]

Battle of Britain II

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory is a  is a remake of Rowan's Battle of Britain combat flight simulation by Empire Interactive. The aerial … [Continue Reading]

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BoB II Performance Notes and Parameter Tuning Hints

BoB II WoV is a vastly improved remake of Rowans' BoB. Furthermore, BOBII is still being developed by the BDG (a volunteer force of freeware … [Read More...]

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Tiger Moth

The first new aircraft ever released for BOBII, the DH82a Tiger Moth trainer. NOTE: this is a FREE beta, or Work In Progress version, being … [Read More...]

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2.13 released

It's finally here! Go to the download page to find out all about it. … [Read More...]

2.13 BETA code, multiskin and terrain available for testing

Would you like to help BDG to test 2.13 beta? Download the files and read instructions here: … [Read More...]

Time to List your BOBII want list, Problems, and issues

As we always try to define issues, problems, new features, and wants during the beginning of our cycles, I recommend everyone make your list in this … [Read More...]

Portland Naval Base

Portland. I could make this better. It looks a bit naked, but I went with given terrain and my maps resources for 1938. Also a big hurry to fix … [Read More...]

Weymouth Docks

I do not remember what Portland Naval Base looked like in v2.11. I did not like it though, so I rebuilt it. After doing that I looked at Weymouth … [Read More...]

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